My name is Izahi Santana and out of my 38 years of life, I have dedicated 20 years to coaching. Even thou my father and his brothers were teaching about public speaking 2 decades before I was born, I still had to work hard during my early years to overcome the fear, awkwardness, shyness and catastrophic mistakes I had when it came about communicating with others.

I remember during years I experimented LITERALLY hundreds of rejections, social bullying in and out of school, and the painful struggle behind every time I failed to create a new connection… but I also remember when the failures became successes, when the pain left and the achievement arrived, when the mistakes ceased and the connections started, when all the teachings life tried to give me finally turned into the life style I  always desired.

I participated in many public speaking, poetry and debate championships, because of this I was given my first opportunity to teach this skill to my fellow students and I knew in that moment I loved to teach, it was an instant click, a passion that never stopped. It has been almost 2 decades since that first training and I still hear beautiful stories from those people who I now I’m glad to still call friends. Funny, now that I think about it, almost every student of mine have turned into a friend.

I’m entirely devoted to coaching, and the huge results I can see in every individual I coach, every single technique, every single teaching has been proven effective, always, I believe in them without a doubt, I understand what works… because of every time I tried what don’t. We will grow together, we will achieve your goals, and the lifestyle that you have always desired, and starting now should be your only choice.



Which means that whenever you need to communicate, anywhere, I will help you do it at your most powerful and convincing way. What I have done is combine the strong experience and vast  knowledge I have gathered from public speaking, debate, sales, nlp, self-hypnosis, the  art of seduction, etc, into what I call “expert communication”, so each one of your interactions, whether it is in your professional life, social life or even romantic life you can express what you want, the way you want it, with the results of  your  desire.

Here’s a beautiful piece of information you should have: is going to be EASY! First of all I’m not going to teach you to communicate, you already know that, all we are gonna do together is modify  the HOW, so it becomes more efficient, mighty, attractive, and accurate. Turning you into someone more confident, charming, influential, and SUCCESFUL.

I GUARANTEE you this training will work, because it has always done, it has proven to work thousands of times with every student that have taken part of it. The BIG DIFFERENCE with this specific knowledge is that you have dozens of opportunities during your day to practice it without having to change your activities! Why? Because you already  communicate all day, that’s the biggest activity you do in your every day life, many other things, like exercises, or art, meditation, you need to use an specific time and space to practice, but communicating is something that you are already doing, and you will keep doing, so let’s just do it better, together!

No matter where you are in your life, I know you want more from it! You want to succeed, and we need others to succeed, we need partners, costumers, suppliers, followers, audiences! No matter your area of life, from small business owner to high level entrepreneur, your level of success is directly connected to how you communicate with everyone! IS TIME TO GROW NOW!



Because I love doing this so much, I always give my best, ever since the first day I started coaching I have only find more passion into doing it, I want to help you, and I will. But because I take real time to customize my training to you and get to know your specific needs, I keep my number of customers very short, so I can guarantee you full attention, as you deserve, let’s start TODAY.