Express for Success

A 20 hours training for you and your team that will create a solid communication between all the parts of your team, giving it an amazing flow that will increase the productivity, eliminate the miscommunications that stop the team from achieving all that they want in the way and time they want it.


One on One with Santana

You have specific needs, so lets be specific! Where you wanna grow? What’s your pain? Where do you struggle? Together we will grow faster and easier, choosing this way is the fastest most accurate way to improve yourself!

The expert communicator

and the assertive personality

Maybe you don’t have the easiness you wish to make an specific time to direct coaching, maybe you just like doing things at your own pace, maybe you want to have something that you can go back to whenever you want. This master self-training videos guide you, during 8 episodes of 30 minutes each, in the most powerful way to change the way you communicate within yourself and others!